Planting schemes to accompany planning applications are becoming a vital cog in the whole process to increase your chance of success. Demonstrating advanced landscape planning bolsters the chance of your application’s success. When designing a planting scheme for a development plan, you need to take into consideration the tree species in the area, the landscape, and the possible natural habitats that can be preserved or created. There are certain factors to consider in the planning of a planting scheme on a development site.


When selecting the location, we need to consider the height and width of the tree species, as well as the following environmental factors:

  • Shading
  • Cooling
  • Existing trees and whether they should be kept or removed from site.
  • Climate and possible climate change
  • Current flora and fauna and habitats
  • Soil type


In certain areas, keeping and preserving existing tree species are beneficial
as they can increase a project’s attractiveness, value, and marketability by offering functional value. In other areas, native tree species should be introduced to provide a habitat for fauna that use trees for their food and shelter.


Trees may be necessary for providing environmental benefits such as shading, eliminating pollution, and so on. Not every species of tree can provide this. We can help to identify the right species that will produce the maximum benefits to the development site.


Soil conditions strongly affect shrubs and trees. The majority of trees and plants, grow effectively in soil that has a pH of 6.0-7.5. Plants and trees should be selected appropriately according to wet and dry sites to provide better functionality.


This consists of both hard and soft landscaping. The landscaping scheme consists of all existing trees and plants, their locations and types, as well as soft and hard landscaping. Hard landscaping would include surfaces that need to be created and maintained within the site such as walls, steps, pedestrian areas, etc. Soft landscaping includes all plants, trees, shrubs that grow on and around the development site.

Planting schemes play a vital role in the development and construction of the site. If properly planned in advance, we can ensure the preservation of the trees in the area and even introduce new species where possible.