Aboricultural Impact Assessments contain an appraisal of the pre-construction situation on the site.

This includes an assessment of tree quality in accordance with British Standard BS5837:2012, taking into account the trees’ individual arboricultural, landscape and cultural or ecological values and their estimated remaining contribution.

Aboricultural Impact Assessments also include recommendations for:

  • Remedial health and safety tree works.
  • Guidance on which trees may be retained given the proposed site layout. Protection measures to be implemented during construction.
  • Guidance on specialist construction methods for structures in close proximity to trees.
  • Guidance on mitigation for tree removal and recommended planting specification.
  • Suggestions for future arboricultural management to maximise the safe useful life expectancy of retained trees.
  • The AIA should encompass a complete tree schedule and a Tree Constraints Plan (to scale). All drafted layouts should be incorporated within the AIA along with other essential information.

Conflicts can be identified early in the process with an AIA thereby allowing them to be resolved before any final decisions are made.

Holly Arboriculture reports are professionally presented and are accompanied by both Tree Constraint Plans and Tree Protection Plans. Clearly presented drawings and comprehensive reports will increase the chances of planning permission being granted.