Arboriculture Method Statements are required to accompany planning applications on sites containing trees. This document provides step-by-step instructions associated with tree works and tree protection measures required throughout the construction process.

The Arboricultural Method Statement demonstrates how trees will be protected from damage during the construction phases and provides details on working methodologies for the installation of various tree protection systems, highlighting the measures needed to complete these processes.

This statement is written for construction workers throughout the construction process. It mentions all information required for contractors to fully protect trees during the construction period.

Holly Arb can provide the necessary tree protection information required for each stage of construction measures and the stage of construction at which they should be executed.

Every construction site employee should read, comprehend and sign the Arboriculture Method Statement to further the chances of tree protection measures being properly implemented.

During construction, site visits may be conducted by the local planning authority in order to ensure the implementation of tree protection measures. Employing an arborist to oversee tree protection will reassure LPA’s that tree protection measures are in place.