Construction and development cause disruptions that can be harmful to trees, so a Tree Protection Plan (TPP) is vital. A TPP is a plan that highlights the actions taken to protect trees from potential disturbances that may be harmful to them. The TPP also outlines specific requirements to reduce the environmental impact from construction and development, which includes planting or transplanting trees.

The TPP resembles a scale plan that includes the following information:

  • All proposed and existing structures.
  • Any existing or new accesses.
  • The proposed area for material and plant storage.
  • The location of any protective barriers (details of their construction must also be presented).
  • All retained trees and their corresponding root protection areas and crown
  • speeds, both on the site and surrounding areas.
  • Driveways, roads, and drainage runs.

All other features that can affect trees on or around the site.
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