What we do

Holly Arboriculture provides the knowledge and guidance to manage trees in ways that are more sustainable and beneficial to the environment.

I carry out tree surveys and produce tree reports for a variety of needs, providing expert opinions on tree-related matters. I also undertake arboricultural impact assessments ahead of planning and development, as well as decay detection testing to provide certainty about the condition of trees.

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Tree Health Condition and Safety Assessment

Identifying the tree population and their condition on your site is very important information.

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Quantified Tree Risk Assessment

(QTRA) system, applies accepted risk management principles to tree safety management.

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Tree Reports

Development plans display what an area should look like in the future and the process that will be followed to get there.

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Tree Protection Plan

Construction and development cause disruptions that can be harmful to trees, so a Tree Protection Plan (TPP) is vital.

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