The Importance of Arboriculture

why arboriculture is important

Arboriculture is both a science and a practice. Arboriculture studies are about the nurturing and understanding of how trees grow and respond to their environments. This also includes the techniques used to cultivate them. Putting the work into practice means executing the correct techniques used to maintain trees. This involves selecting which trees to plant, identifying various pests and diseases, diagnosing tree ailments, and more. Developers who understand these values realise that it is in their best interest to encourage the preservation of trees and green spaces. In this blog, the relationship between Arborists and site development will be discussed.

Problems faced during site development

Some common problems on a development site at design stage arise with trees and the constraints they impose on the design. Constraints are not just above ground with the tree canopy but also below ground with root network. Development plans that include the removal of trees are often unnecessary, a waste resources and worse still, a loss of valuable habitat. The presence of mature trees on site is proven to add value to a property as well as carry many other intangible benefits.

Benefits of working with an Arborist

In general trees adapt well to their environment and the least amount of human intervention with trees the better. However, trees in close proximity to built structures and humans shall require a certain amount of maintenance to remain structurally safe and reduce potential risk exposure. Working with an experienced Arborist can provide that guidance.

Holly Arboriculture provides planting schemes to accompany planning applications. Demonstrating advanced landscape planning bolsters the chance of application success.

It takes constant collaboration between the arborist, developers, contractors, owners, and local authorities throughout a project to protect existing trees, ensuring they remain healthy and stable. Arborists and site developers working in tandem from the design stage only benefits the project in the long run. Contact me at Holly Arboriculture to ensure that existing trees are always taken into consideration in development plans.